Thank you for everything!

When I took my first job as a photographer at a small chain of studios in Pittsburgh, PA and fell in love with photographing families, I never dreamed I'd end up owning my own business and that anyone would want to pay me more than minimum wage to do it.  Let alone working in a city that's bursting at the seams with so many incredibly creative, stunningly talented artists and a field that's incredibly competitive. 


It's been an amazing fifteen years and I am beyond grateful to every one of you who's given me the chance to capture so many precious memories of your families, watch your kids grow from infancy and beyond, and develop a very loyal community of returning clients. 


Now, it's time for me to hang up my camera and focus on my family. 

To all of my clients, whether I've worked with you one time or a hundred-- thank you for making this dream come true.  Thank you for choosing to support this small business and by extension, my family. 

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