Do I need to purchase my images, prints, or anything else through you?


Nope! My pricing is all inclusive! No in-person sales tactics or having to only pick five images and pay a la carte for the rest.  

Your session fee includes a digital download of all final, professionally processed, minimally retouched images from your session and a print release so you can take them wherever you like. The only reason you’d need to purchase anything else from me would be if you decide you want additional retouching

or if you'd rather I ship a copy of your images on a USB flash drive rather than receiving them digitally. 

Do you give out CDs with all the files?


My clients receive their final images via digital download. This comes in the form of an email with a link to a password protected private gallery and a special PIN required for download. You can share this link and password with your friends and family if you like and keep the PIN secret. Or, if you want others to be able to have a copy of the final images from your session (ie: a large group family session or grandparents who love to make prints)– you can share the PIN with them and they can instantly download their own copies of the images. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a copy of the images on a USB flash drive for an additional

fee of $60 (shipping included) per copy. Regardless of your choice (digital download or flash drive), you will receive the same images.

Do you offer sales, special discounts, or mini sessions?


Yes, I do occasionally run special offers.  The best way to know about these are to make sure you've liked and followed my Facebook page.  But you can also sign up to be on my mailing list if you don't mind very occasional emails from me!  Every so often, I need models for either a new type of session I'm offering, a demographic of potential clients I want to reach, or just a creative project to keep my portfolio fresh.  I'm committed to continuing education and any time I take a class, I often want to find models to try out any newly developing skills!  Clients who participate in modeling sessions receive a HUGE discount (usually 50-75% off the cost of the session) in exchange for signing a model release and closely following directions on what to wear, etc.  If you're interested in being added to that list, just shoot me an email at hello@kmackenziephoto.com and keep your eyes peeled for  my next model call! 



How do I pay for my session & booking fee?


Right online!  It’s so easy.  Once you’re ready to book, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to sign your digital contract and an invoice to pay any immediately due balances.  My payment system walks you right through all the steps and you’ll be able to pay securely online via PayPal either with your credit card or PayPal account. 

If you’re purchasing a package deal or special offer, you’ll need to pay the full amount of the session at the time of booking.  If you’re booking any other kind of session, you only need to pay your session booking fee up front and the remaining balance is due on the day of your session.

Do you have a studio? Where will my session take place?


Nope! Although I was initially trained in studio photography, I don’t believe it is an effective space for producing authentic portraits. I’ve found that people tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable in an environment that they are familiar with– especially kids! A comfortable and relaxed subject makes great portraits. That said, your session will take place pretty much anywhere you want! In your home, at a favorite park or playground, or another outdoor or indoor location of your choosing. Don’t worry – we’ll come up with a great location that fits your lifestyle! 


How many images will I get?


It depends on the kind of session you book and your personal preferences.  For more details, take a closer look at the portfolio and pricing page that corresponds to the type of session you're looking for.  Regardless, you will receive all of the final, professionally processed images from your session.  No extra charges or in-person sales sessions, no having to choose 5 images and pay for the rest.  As long as the image is presentable (ie: nobody’s blinking, sneezing, out of focus, or an otherwise unusable image)– you’ll receive it in your final gallery. 


Will I get a print release? Can I print my photos anywhere?


Yes and yes! However, keep in mind that not all printers are created equal and you often get what you pay for.  If you’re printing anything larger than a 5×7,

I’d strongly recommend choosing a professional printing company, rather than the cheapest option you can find.  I'm happy to order prints for my clients through a wonderful local printer that works exclusively with professional photographers.  The most important thing to me is that you are getting the best possible prints while working within your budget.



Can I put my photos from your session on my blog or social media profile?


Absolutely!  Don’t forget to tell everyone where you got ’em!  However, I do request that my clients do not retouch or digitally alter my work.  Also, please remember that you are not licensed to use these photographs for financial gain or advertisement without written permission.   Please check the copyright notice on the bottom of your print release for more information.  Or just ask me.  I’m pretty easy to get along with.



What should I wear for my family portraits?


Oh, please don’t match!  The general rule I encourage my clients to follow is think coordinating, not matching.  You want your clothing to complement and contrast. 

All my clients receive a PDF guide I’ve written that’s filled with tips and tricks to help my clients pick the perfect clothing that will not only photograph beautifully but also help everyone in your group feel comfortable and confident!  There’s even a link to a curated Pinterest board I’ve created if you’re a more visual person!



Do you use an assistant?


Yes! That is, sometimes. Depending on your needs, the number of people in your group, the nature of the session, potential challenges, or your specifications, I may choose to bring an assistant at my personal discretion. You can always request one too, but PLEASE don't bring your own!  Your bestie, aunt, grandma, or aspiring photographer friend is probably a really wonderful person, but they haven't been trained on my personal style or professional standards, and it would be really tragic if their helpfulness negatively impacted your portraits! 


Can I include my pet in my session?


Yes!  But let’s make a plan that will yield the best possible results from your session.  Would your pet be more comfortable and undistracted in their own home or at a park?  If you took them for a nice long walk prior to your session, would it leave them happy and relaxed or too energized to focus?  Are you wanting a more at-play candid feel or more posed images?  These are all important questions if you’re wanting to include your pet in your session.  You should also be willing to either bring someone your pet is already comfortable with who can care for them when it’s not their turn in front of the camera or have a plan for what to do with them during those times.  We can discuss all of this over email or the phone once we start talking about your session details.  I work with all my clients to make a plan to help achieve their goals in every session– pets included! 



I'm concerned about how my child is going to behave during our session...


I totally get it.  I have two kids of my own at completely different developmental stages and each one has their own behavioral challenges.  But my ability to work well with kids is one thing that really sets me apart as a seasoned family photographer.  So let me try to set your mind at ease.  I have over twelve years of experience working with children of all ages, including individuals with special needs. My goal is to help you and your child feel comfortable so we can create some beautiful portraits of your family. To do this, I may need you to help by informing me as best you can about the situation and doing some proactive preparation with your child at home and before our session. I promise to use every trick up my sleeve (think positive reinforcement, verbal praise, effective redirection, play breaks, very silly behavior, etc.) and request that you come prepared to do the same.  This might mean bringing a secret snack or treat along in your bag for redirection, letting them wear a costume at the end of their milestone session, or even getting a little creative and making a game out of it.  We've got this! 

Still concerned?  Let's chat!  We'll work together to make a plan tailored to suit your needs!

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